Pocket RDS

Remotely access any kind of device


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If you often work remotely – whether because you work with clients who need technical assistance or you need to access your home or office computer – then you need a good software that can avoid the usual problems involved in this type of work. Pocket RDS is a software that gives you remote access to other devices in a straightforward and simple manner.

This portable tool is so lightweight that you won't have any problems running it quickly and efficiently. The interface is also really simple. The first window lets you enter all the necessary values to set up a fast connection. This way, you can create your own server with a couple ports and a secure password, or just use the change IP option to access it directly if you don't use a static address. Pocket RDS starts up the server automatically each time you open it.

To use this tool you just have to share your server number with your clients and wait for them to connect so you can remotely access their devices. Once you get into their systems, this tool works exactly like any other similar software, so you won't have any trouble using the features in Pocket RDS.
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